Has 5G entered the second stage?

Recently, we participated in a number of 5G industry conferences and communicated with a number of industry authorities. An obvious feeling is that 5G development will soon enter a new stage. The sign of this new stage is that the domestic 5G SA network will be fully completed in September, the domestic 5G users (non-package) will exceed 100 million, and the 5G industry applications have landed and blossomed everywhere.

The core of the new stage is "developing industry applications and releasing 5G dividends", which means that 5G will enter the stage of industry application development. The official freezing of the 3GPP R16 standard will further promote the development of 5G industry applications; the 5G SA network will soon be fully completed; the successful construction of smart cities will result in more digital economic achievements.

Indeed, after more than a year of development, the global 5G has been on the fast lane. As of the end of July, 99 operators in 46 countries around the world have claimed to provide 5G services. The pace of China's 5G network construction is even more amazing. As of the end of June, the number of 5G base stations that have been opened nationwide has exceeded 410,000. At this rate, China will fully complete its 5G annual construction plan in September, and will realize 5G SA commercialization. application. From the perspective of the number of users, the current number of 5G terminal users in China has reached 88 million. By the end of this year, the number of 5G users in China is expected to exceed 100 million.

More importantly, the current 5G+ industry applications in China are booming, and basically all walks of life are taking action and launching various 5G applications. Taking Shenzhen as an example, Shenzhen has carried out 5G application demonstrations in 10 fields including healthcare, education, transportation, police, and energy, and selected 10 industries including ultra-high-definition video, industrial Internet, smart furniture, and smart parks to carry out typical applications. The investment exceeds 1.6 billion yuan.

Across the country, applications such as 5G-based smart ports, smart hospitals, smart parks, smart power, smart coal mines, and industrial Internet are emerging one after another. The State Grid Corporation of China and China Southern Power Grid Corporation have begun to adopt 5G technology and apply it to all aspects. Through these cases, we can indeed feel the huge potential of 5G to promote the digitalization of the industry, and make people full of confidence in the future of 5G. From this perspective, there is no doubt that 5G will enter the next stage as a matter of course.

Of course, there are also different views. Some 5G skeptics are still trying their best to prove that 5G is not mainstream in the world. Now the 5G penetration rate of global operators is less than 2%, and more than 90% is still 4G. Moreover, 5G construction takes a long time and operating costs are high. Operators have to shut down 5G base stations in order to save electricity costs. This is really not a cost-effective business. These doubts reflect some problems in the development of 5G, but the general trend of 5G development has been set, and doubts cannot stop the development of 5G. However, there are also views that the current 5G commercial applications are still in their infancy. The first wave of 5G commercial applications is mainly mobile broadband applications for individuals, and industry-oriented applications are still in the exploratory period. So now that 5G has entered the second stage, it is a bit earlier to argue that industry applications will be the mainstay. It is optimistic that it will take 3 to 5 years for 5G industry applications to enter a full-blown period.

Whether 5G has entered the second stage has triggered discussions in the industry. The benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise sees the wisdom, mainly because of different starting points. One is the optimist, who is happy to see its success, believing that as standard technology matures and network coverage is completed, applications will spurt out naturally, not to mention that the entire industry is actively promoting; the other is the conservative, who believes that industry application needs are ever-changing and business models cannot It is determined that the key to developing ToC users is at this stage.

In fact, it does not matter whether 5G enters the next stage. What is important is that the industry must boldly explore and act actively. Personally, I am still happy to see it happen, because everything is advancing in development, and 5G is the same. We say that 5G empowers thousands of industries, and the hope of 5G is applied in the industry, so we should boldly promote and practice instead of being conservative.


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